Ice is graspable, you can hold it, it has boundaries, it is an object you can control, or at least you think you can, because at the first chance it gets, a piece of ice will always slide off your hands. On the opposite, the air surrounding it is shapeless, it is always moving. It has an effect on everything that exists. In this instance, It slowly turns ice into water, and when it does, there’s no turning back. When ice becomes water, its very state changes, suddenly, what was rock solid and defined is ungraspable and shapeless. When spilled, it follows its own path and has very little relation to its initial shape. Water used to be a part of this ice cube, but isn’t anymore.

In this metaphor, I see ice as our existence, air as time and water as the time spent over our existence.

Our existence is made out of our own choices, but most of the time, we find ourselves living a life we perfectly know isn’t made for us. In what instance do we have a control over our existence then ? If we stay here waiting for something to happen then we’re like this slippery ice cube, just waiting to melt out.

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