Explore the build environment

“In the name of artistic freedom, architects made themselves irrelevant” Alejandro Aravena

If photography was a relationship, architecture would have been a love at first sight kind of feeling. I started taking pictures ten years ago, in 2012, during a trip to Italy in the second year of my bachelor degree. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about photography, but I remember very clearly how I could capture what I wanted to show. I was doing it almost instinctively. Since that moment forward, I’ve never stopped taking pictures.

Architecture photography, implies one thing before pushing the camera button. You have to explore and understand the building. Don’t hesitate to turn around, take some steps to get far, really far, then come back closer, really close. Try to observe before even turning on your camera. If you take a picture of something you don’t understand, it will be reflected by your image, and thus, not be understood as well. So, my advice is, take your time and open your eyes.