A piece of ice is graspable, it has defined boundaries. It is an object you can control, or at least you think you can. Because an ice cube will always slide off your hands. On the opposite, the air surrounding it is shapeless. It has an effect on everything that exists. In this instance, It slowly turns ice into water, and when it does, there’s no turning back. Frozen, the water was defining the ice cube. But when ice becomes water, its very structure changes. A defined object turns into abstraction.

In this metaphor, I see ice as our existence, air as time and water as the time spent over our existence. Our lives are defined by strict boundaries, affected by time. We have control over our lives in a certain time frame, that we cannot quantify. So, the ice we got left, has to be put in good use, without really caring about what is already spilled.

The trick is, to not look back. Past doesn’t define our future. It is just a reminder of what we used to be. The only good way to see the past, is to use it as a tool. Some powerful chisel, that carved our life expectations. We are all ice, we are all affected by air, and we’ll all turn to water. But remember, you have power over your existence. The power to choose what to do next. Do not wait until you have full control over your existence to do so, because you never will. It will always be slippery.

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