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“photographier est un moyen de comprendre qui ne peut se séparer des autres moyens d’expression visuelle. C’est une façon de crier, de se libérer non de prouver ni d’affirmer sa propre originalité. C’est une façon de vivre” Henri Cartier Bresson

All in all, everything is already there. the beauty with photography is that you can create something with something else that isn’t yours. But it is more than that. For me, each picture is like an untarnished memory, each time I see a photo I took years before, it instantly reminds me a strong moment I actually lived. Composing with those moments is somehow making them real again. Sometimes, as I browse into my oldest albums, I see them as maps of my lost past. I can recall accurately every moment of my voyages, even those in between the pictures. These photos are like the crumbles Gretel is throwing behind to find her path back.

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