Hike and breathe

“Landscape hold memories, our subconscient is very powerful, it’s prehistoric that we can read the landscape from its far greater depth and we are able to communicate what we can see, we can read the flow of love, we understand deep, deep down within our subconscient.” Darren Almond

Within us, we all have a strange relationship with nature. We love it and hate it at the same time. As far as humanity goes, we’ve always respected nature. In many cultures, if not all, the forces of nature were linked to powerful gods. It tells us how fearful and humble we were in front of this unknown and immeasurable forces.

Mankind from all over the world tried to flee it’s hardest traits. We fled infinite deserts, isolated lands, steep mountains and every other places that were unfit for our fragile lives. The outcome of this, is a strong respect for these places, carved in our memories and inherited by our predecessors. Then, It becomes logical to be impressed by its broad spaces and unreachable forms, but deep down we all know that nature can be cruel. Hence, we can only admire it in a romantic way.

It is what I am always thinking about while I take outdoor photos. My purpose is to show nature for what it is. To emphasis how little and meaningless we are in front of these majestic places we walk on.