How to build in the wilderness

Personal project

Available space is becoming scarce as the human population is getting bigger and bigger. In this hypothetical world, a hundred years from now, space, like water and food will be subject to rationing. No matter if you are the richest man alive or the poorest, in this imaginary future, the system is strict: you cannot have more than what you need, for the sake of humanity fair survival.

We are now in 2116, the human population reached over 16,5 billion people. After producing big cities, megalopolises, which destroyed or modified the most part of the earth’s natural state, the humanity is trying to reconnect itself with the remains of a wild and ruthless nature. A new way of thinking space and wealth repartitions is about to become a common model to build cities in the wilderness without altering it. The new laws on urbanization born from a world consensus, are to be respectful of the people and the intrinsic qualities of wild landscapes, designated to be invested. Deserts should stay deserts, forest should stay forests, and so forth.