Italy & Swizerland


During the spring 2011, we went to Italy, by crossing and stopping by Switzerland we had the opportunity to visit a lot of wonderful places. You will see below a quick preview of the whole journey. Each photo is showing a small part of cities and landscapes we went through.

Here’s the list of the building we visited, in order of appearance :

Ancient roman ruins in Chur. – Peter Zumthor.
Archaeological excavations in this area have uncovered a complete Roman quarter. The protective structures – wind-permeable wooden enclosures – follow the outer walls of three adjacent Roman buildings (only a small part of one of these was excavated). The site’s display cases along the street skirt the protruding foundations of the former house entrances.

Maison du lac. – Le Corbusier.
The Villa “Le Lac” is a little gem of ingenuity and functionalism – an architectural manifesto where one can find the key ideas of the program developed by Le Corbusier during the 1920s for his famous “white houses”. Considered by many to be the founding act of a certain concept of modernity, the the Villa “Le Lac” is one of the architect’s most personal and inventive works. ©Villalelac.

Rolex Center. – SANAA.
The building, designed by the acclaimed Japanese firm SANAA, features one of the most impressive concrete surfaces I have ever seen, creating a fluid space for students to enjoy. Interesting comments by Ryue Nishizawa on the relation between organic forms in architecture and human life. While the building is a perfect rectangle when seen in a plan view, the curves and slopes which define the interior space give the building a totally organic look. ©Archdaily

Cemetery extension. – Roberto Zampoleri & Emiliano Bellini.
Located in Cortenuova (Italy) inaugurated in Juily 2007. The extension of the old communal cemetery is a work based on a pure minimalist reflection.


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