Douce france

These photographs have been taken during my summer trip in the south of France. Each one of them is a part of my selective memory. Each one tend to express a part of something I want to show, a very accurate situation. From a matter to a very unique living composition, each photograph is pure. By pure I mean simple, sober, you can read it in one second. Let’s say that photos with a lot of informations (LaChapelle compositions) are like a sentence, then, mine are more like a word: one character on the foreground, one in the back, two lines, one building, and that’s it. I’m trying to tell a story with the easiest and the fastest composition. Please, remember that I’m still on a journey to reach the quintessence of my idea. So, consider it as a work in progress.

Lyon – Cité internationnale de Renzo Piano / Ville /  Vallon Pont d’ArcPont d’Arc / AvignonFin du festival / Ville / CollioureVille et plage / CanetPlage & villages proches.













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