So this is it. Last morning in Amsterdam, enjoying our last coffee and a slice of apple pie in a corner of Jordaan district, looking at the sun reaching up the sky. Knowing our plane will take off at 16h20, we had to leave the canal city pretty early. So as a conclusion, we did a looooot of kilometers by bike, we went to so many places you can’t even imagine, we met dutch architecture students, a very kind, dedicated and funny art critic, and an intern in cinematographic arts. We also ate a lot of things (local meals, more or less, well less than more, but it wasn’t junk food, well, OK except that airport-afternoon day, so what, sue me!) Anyway, unforgettable week of course..

PS: thanks a LOT to Florian, for is warming receiving and also to Pierre for his ¬†patience toward me, ’cause yup, I was always pedaling behind taking tones of photos.

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