Amsterdam part 1: the city.

Sunday – Today we had a large city tour, with Florian as our private (and free of charges) guide.  The guy knows basically everything about the new and the old districts history. From Jordan to java island, he was bicycling ahead and explaining things while I was taking pictures far (far) behind. He show us the old docks, which were turning into flats, hotel, coffees and local shops. As an example, we went to the Lloyd, an old hotel build in 1918 to recruit clients for passengers heading to South America. Then in 1921 it was used as temporary accommodation for immigrants for about 15 years, afterward the building was turn into a detention center during world war two, until 1989. And finally a competition was launched in 1996 to restore the entire building. Won by the famous dutch company MVRDV, each room is organized by a single designer, and has it’s own character.

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